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What are you seeing?

Are you paying attention? Sometimes we may be in a state of hopefulness or denial. There have been signs all around us for centuries. Sadly even some of the obvious parties still choose to ignore the facts. Thus people like Graham Hancock of the Ancient Apocalypse series and Joe Rogan of The Joe Rogan Experience are so very important. They are uncovering that which has been hidden. Who are you listening to? What are you watching? In our everyday lives we are being shown signs. It may be as simple as repeating numbers on a clock or maybe a type of bird we keep seeing. When we become consciously aware of the signs, we can start to decipher and understand them. You might ask how do we do that? In all things it is in the simplicity that we are being drawn however our thoughts and mind can get in the way.

That needs changing When you see anything that appears to be repetitive the first step is to start to notice it. Then bring to mind what these repetitive things mean for you personally. For example if you see a lady bug many many times in any shape or form, what does lady bug mean for you? Let me add that lady bug could be appearing as the actual bug on your sidewalk, a poster of a lady bug, hearing the song about lady bug or other ways of seeing or hearing lady bug. If you think you have no idea what it means go back to the basics. Do you remember the song from childhood? Lady Bug Lady Bug Fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are gone. I looked up the lyrics. What memories come up for you around the song? Do you remember singing it with a parent, maybe in playschool? What emotions are coming up? Then again you may remember being a child or seeing a child gently picking up a lady bug. It sitting on the hand for a moment before flying away. What emotions come up with that memory?

Signs are around us to stir up memories and emotions so that we can use the energy of that emotion and feeling to move forward. An example of this is how I thought the words were your children are alone. I could go off on a tangent about how children maybe had to learn how to fend for themselves. Personally I love seeing lady bugs as it does bring up the magic of being able to pick them up or let them walk onto my hand. Therefore lady bugs mean magic is afoot or a positive connection to something. The next step is to begin to be aware of what we were thinking or speaking about.


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