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I really enjoy spreading the word on what I do. If you are enjoying the podcasts I would love to share on others. I would also love to invite you to share  on my podcast, Step into the Light, Step into your Life.

The Little You - How it affects you

Who Can It Be Now

with Marilyn Alauria, speaks with Sandra Pelley

Showing Up...


Mindful Millionaire

with Leisa Peterson, speaks with Sandra Pelley

   Speaking about my awakening   

   Speaking about mind over body  

   Speaking about the power of love  

   Part two  

   Speaking about Divination   

    Speaking about my abilities    

   Speaking about my story  

Interviews of creative souls... are you one too?

Heart Break Cracked Me Open

   Partnership Marketing   

Storytelling Astrologer

   Bringing Healing to Quilts  

   Soul Life Treasure Hunt TM   

   The Metaphysical School  

   Revive, Intuitive Life Coaching   

   Tree Gong 

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