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Discover you - the Incredible U

Building the foundation
with your most intimate guide
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Live Your Inner Dragon

* Discover your ancient power
* Connect with dragons, angels, plants       and more
* Learn how to use the moon cycles and     planets
* Heal ancestral traumas
* Ask questions that move you forward       with your dreams or to empower your     business
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Living life the way I want to... now

Hi, I am a small town girl from Jasper, Alberta, Canada, growing up climbing the hills/trees, biking for miles and playing kick the can. There were the typical timeline events which all came to a crashing halt in 2000, when I dislocated my pelvis on both sides. This began 16 years of injuries, ending with a minor break in the pelvis, a broken collar bone and a frozen shoulder all in 2016.

This period of my life was one of those "Dark nights of the soul" you may have heard about.  I struggled with feeling I was not being heard, by the medical profession, that I was unworthy as a wife and mother and I was physically incapable of doing most day to day activities. There were moments of suicidal thoughts. And the PAIN... the physical pain. I had bottles of pain killer pills everywhere!!!

During this emotional roller coaster, I sensed there was more to life, in fact my guides were yelling at me to make changes. My path had been a long one, of trial and error. Then it happened... the light at the end of the tunnel. A beautiful soul heard me. My voice ... She opened the door to so many possibilities including how to work with my guides. I learned how to ask for help, change my thoughts and words and find the silver linings in everything. Where I had been so wracked in pain before, now mountain biking became my passion. I have followed many paths all over North America and the world. I now know how I can help you to make your path so much easier. What took me years to understand I bring to you in my book, A Spiritual How-To and as an inner peace mentor. I can teach you how to get in touch with your own guides and discover the INCREDIBLE YOU I see in you...

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