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I see you looking at me, looking at you...

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Sandra holds a really engaging safe space that supports you in multiple ways. I really appreciate her assertive observations and attentive listening skills; it means she is able to draw out nuggets of wisdom and help signpost you to the treasure you already have inside that is awaiting your discovery...

Lise Mitchell Noble

Sandra has created a mystical, magical experience in her Medicine Wheel program. In taking part, I was delighted when seemingly random things that came up for me all fell together to make sense in a very purposeful way. It is always a joy to be in Sandra’s presence and learn as we explore together. Anytime you can participate in any of Sandra’s programs, I would highly recommend doing so!

Debi Hutchison-Menzer

What joy, relief and empowerment I got from a 1-on-1 session with Sandra. I was struggling with an email marketing strategy for many weeks and in a few minutes of teaching time Sandra explained and showed me how to fix what I was doing wrong. Sandra has fantastic teaching ability. Her calmness and patience with me gave me confidence and I appreciated her willingness to share her knowledge. Sandra's caring and willingness to share makes her the ideal person for anyone looking for help.


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She holds loving space for everyone, is non-'judgemental, kind, compassionate and understanding. She is able to see "You" and your potential even when you may not be able to see yourself and working with her is an incredible experience.....She is the most amazing teacher, healer and person I have known and she truly is the best thing that happened to me. . Working with her has changed my life in that, she has helped me to rise up from the challenges I was facing, and to be able to step into my power, when I had felt so hopeless and powerless and defeated in life

Cynthia Barthel

Working with Sandra is a journey and is comforting through her natural ability to pick up on the subtle nuances and ability to bring out what I was not entirely aware of; especially, issues that have an impact in current day experiences. The extent of her studies and experiences are quite vast, making her ideal for anyone looking for practical help, all the way to more extensive spiritual connections to generational and natural influences. She works thoughtfully and sensitively with everyone in her groups, and brings us all together as we find our way past our belief blocks and helps us navigate a new pathway to a more empowered openness.

Carrie Farmer

Sandra Pelley is a wonderful heart centered healer.  She eminates love and compassion with every message that she brings forth. I had a 1 on 1 healing session with Sandra and she gave me her undivided attention.  She allowed me to express my hearts desires and gave me the feeling of being loved and supported.  She never judged me for my situation or my feelings.  Unlike a lot of other healers, Sandra did not end our session after a specific time limit. 

Jennifer Nieto

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