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Change how you react

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Root - Money - self preservation

Sacral - Relationship with others - authority & passion

Solar Plexus - Relationship with self  - self confidence & self development

Heart & Throat - Physical Body  - breaking free of limitations

Third Eye & Pineal - Sharing your energy keys (gifts) - expanding out of your comfort zone

Crown - Spiritual Journey - higher plans & awareness

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Starts in September - 7-week course

Starts in October - 7-week course

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It is fun to imagine our Little You's or children in general, chasing dragonflies, attempting to catch them.


Dragonflies are like that illusive piece of ourselves.


Each chakra has a dragonfly within and there are topics in each of chakra as well. It makes sense to play with the Little You and these dragonflies in our chakras.

How are you, the adult, reacting to money and money situations?

Are you comfortable in your own skin and around others?

Have you discovered what your 'gifts' are?

Are you comfortable connecting with your spirit guides and team?

Join us as we hold our inner child's hand and walk them safely through these topics.


Reveal the Incredible You

to be announced

  • Identify your negative thoughts and possible causes

  • Begin your journey to good thoughts

  • Tips and tools to improve general happiness

If you have struggles and need a boost of confidence let me tell you a story.

There was a woman who, day by day, walked through the motions. She looked like she was living a good life but underneath she struggled. Self doubt, self judgment and deep personal criticism undermined her attempts at true happiness. Friends envied what they thought she had, a happy marriage, beautiful kids and traveling to fun places.

Well at least the beautiful kids was true...

One day she saw a heavy woman walk across the road. That woman carried herself with such confidence and Sandra knew that is what she too wanted. To be confident.

That changed everything.

Over the next nine years Sandra developed a relationship with her most intimate guide, the inner child, who she calls her Little You . All that she has learned to date she wants to share with you. Of course that takes longer than three days however if you are ready to make positive changes in your overall life, and come into your personal power, this is the place to start...

Soul Quest

open soon

Through your life you have had experiences that have shaped your childhood into adult hood, often with little control over the circumstances or the results.

This is your chance to take a leadership role in your own life. With small effective steps  you can alter your destiny and begin to create your future. Decide who you want to be.

This  experience is the experience you have been waiting for, that you have been looking for. You are two clicks away from changing everything.


Meet your
Animal Guides

Animals are all around us. The journey I am experiencing is in two realities, the one most people are aware of and the one White Raven and Sister Magpie walk with me in, in both my waking and sleeping hours. My ancestral indigenous roots are being woken, as White Buffalo Calf Woman and Poundmaker, step into my visions to bring you an even stronger connection that you are ready for.

I walk in two realities by choice. In this three day event our guides and myself will teach you the basics of what some feel is the Shaman way. Together, this magical world is revealed to you through ceremony, simple tools and the joy of drumming journey.

Recently I was playing with the elements by connecting with them as I would my guides. It was magical what occured and I am excited to show you this too

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