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What's your favorite childhood game...

Do you still play it? It could be a board game, marbles,

kick the can or Hungry Hippos.

Have you ever thought about getting down at a child's level and looking at the world from their point of view?

I remember doing this when my kids were young. It changed everything for me. It is a different far more interesting world through their eyes. My son has a love of Legos like I did as a child and my daughter had to save bugs rather than squish them.

I still have my Legos and even have gotten a few new ones. This feeds my little you's soul. I can feel the joy radiating from within when I indulge in small things like this.

There is a flip side to this. At a young age I had a drawing defaced and attempted to get rid of it. It was a mistake that I remember clearly to this day. Me trying to flush a paper drawing down the toilet in the school girls bathroom. Trip to the principal and getting into trouble.

That may sound lie a pretty insignificant thing however as an adult I remember it very clearly. Hiding the evidence of someone else's dirty drawing on my artwork. It took me a long time to be public about my artwork.

This is why it is so important... support our little you's. I discovered long ago that it is in the small steps we make the biggest changes. Find out how to connect with your little you. Feel how they are feeling. Learn how to support them and how this helps you as the adult.


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