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Creating Meaningful Change Summit

Wed. March 6th and Thurs. March 7th

Undergo a transformative journey. Capture the essence of personal and professional growth, with energy and confidence. Experience the activation of potential. Be inspired and awaken your inner strength to embrace positive change.

Listen to this diverse group of people, each embodying their unique journey of transformation and growth. In this energetic atmosphere they share the unleashing of potential, innovation, empowerment, and the awakening of inner strength.

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Our Speakers

Activate your awesomeness


Barb Minemier                                Healing the Gut - Ingredients Matter”

Bruce Ross                                      The Ultimate Needle Mover to Activate Your Awesome ᐧ

Carina Reeves & Matt Gilliard      Appreciation 101: From Eye-Rolls to Smiles in 10 Seconds Flat

Carla Jansen van Rosendaal       Create your creationpower to change

Cindy Burns                                    The Other Side of Grief

Daniel Martinez Stahl                    Big Changes Are Often Innocently Unnoticed

Dr Olivia Ong                                  The Joy of Burnout

Elisa Boogaerts                              Empower Your Tomorrow: 3 strategies for making your next big bold move.

Janine White Raven                      Embracing yourself, Loving Yourself

Kitty Foss                                        The Story of You and your Stars!

Lee Munch                                     3 keys to Business Ease: from overwhelmed to overjoyed

Maria Belanic

Nicole Dubruel de Broglio          Healing Hearts - Building Futures

Sandra Pelley                                Discover Your Inner Dragon

Tracy Rickards                               Kiss Your Boss Goodbye


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