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I trusted You

I imagine you felt pretty awful when you read the subject line. I was honestly in tears, swearing and had a support call with my husband when I decided to vent here.

In August we bought a van, looking forward to the trips we would make in it. Only two months and one trip have passed. Before that trip we had the van in getting some repairs done at what what we believed to be a reputable garage. We had been frequenting this establishment for 20 years.

Did we get complacent?

Off and on we have used other local garages and our favorite out of his own home garage mechanic. He however has moved across the country. Because he moved we went back to the 20 year track record garage. There was a significant amount of money dished out to this garage to the tune of almost $3000, including money for an alignment etc.

When we got the van back we were told they would be unable to get the alignment any better than that but charged us anyway. Away we went on our trip, being careful not to let go of the steering wheel on the highway as the van would shoot abruptly for the ditch. A major problem.

Fighting the steering the whole trip

Upon returning we took it to another garage to see what they could do about the alignment. We were told there was definitely something going on with part X, which would need replacing. They also refused to charge us for an alignment as they felt they couldn't do anything with it. I picked up the van while waiting for van parts to come in so we could do other things with it at home. Uhm.... The alignment was perfect. Like seriously so good it was ridiculous. I went back for a refund from the first place. I was courteous, as the front had other customers, I asked the guy if he would step outside. He did, apologized, refunded money and said he would be speaking with their mechanic. Parts came in at the second place and I returned the van for the repairs. The phone call I received next was not what I expected. The brand new parts that had been installed by the first garage were broken and therefore would need to be ordered in and repaired. WHAT THE HECK!!!!! To say I was upset would be an understatement. Man oh man... Off the phone I swore and cried. I trusted the first garage. I felt violated. I was so thankful for the pride this second garage takes in their service. This is part of life. I know I want to provide a service for you that is like the second garage. Honest and in depth. I know you want to be heard and seen. If you have felt bad about a recent event, program or coach let me show you how I can help you. If you are ready to work with someone who wants what's in your best interest and not out for a buck, I am your gal. Let's have a conversation I see The Incredible U Sandra


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