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I realized I couldn't say anything

Have you ever been in a situation where the conversation was a powerful one for you and you couldn't say anything? The other day I was at the dining room table with family. A relative was speaking about artwork, beautiful artwork. Then in the next breath spoke of how outrageously priced it was.

"I couldn't believe how much she was charging?"

In that moment I had a huge epiphany. Someone may appreciate something but be unwilling to pay for it. That does not mean the price should be lowered. In fact there are buyers out there that have the money to pay for what is being offered.

The reason I felt I couldn't say anything... I wanted to speak about the self value of the artist. The people around the table included the person who has once before called me a snake oil sales man and the rest (other than my husband) just don't get where I am coming from. To talk about how a person sees their self worth is a direct correlation to what their pricing is may have fallen on deaf ears or very opinionated ears.

Another comment made by the relative was interesting too. They said, "I guess you can charge anything once your name is known." Or something along the lines of that. My goodness, that feels like a limiting belief. It truly has nothing to do with getting your name known. The quilter who puts hours and hours into one homemade quilt knows the value of the time and material. It is the person purchasing it who is astounded by the cost. I once sold a quilt to a man who asked me to make him a very specific one. He gave me $500. It was entirely worth it to him. Let's put this into perspective using a janitor or maid as the example. Do you think a billionaire is paying their cleaning person $12/hour? Not likely! Yet that is the same job being performed all over the world at varying degrees of payment. In fact I personally have been paid anywhere from nothing at all to $35/hour for cleaning homes and offices. The right audience will pay for your product or whatever you do offer. You are worth more than you think. Self value begins with how you see yourself. I can honestly say that it starts with loving yourself. That is another reason I was unable to say anything at that dining room table. Talking about love is still such an awkward subject.

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