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I knew about them but ...

I ignored them for the longest time. I am talking about my chakras.

It is absolutely fine to be oblivious of these remarkable power portals. However if you choose to be aware of them it is a pretty impressive way to communicate with a lot of different dynamics in your life.

Do you know anything about chakras?

I first learned about them when I began my awareness and spiritual journey, back in 2013 or 14. In 2016 I joined a paid group to move that journey along more quickly. Chakras were spoke about often and there was actually a basic course to learn more.

By the time I wrote my book in 2017 (published in 2018), A Spiritual How-To, I was well versed in chakras. Very comfortable with them to the point I added one to the usual seven, making 8 main chakras.

There was a number of months that myself and another got together and read each others chakras. In essence we booked a time with each other. When that time came around, we, in our separate spaces, tapped into the other's energy. From there we opened up to what information wanted to come in. Then we got on a call together to share what we received for the other. It was remarkable.

With this and my own personal journey with my chakras I realized that it was important for me to play in the chakras more often.

Are you asking questions in your chakras?

In Chapter 4 Chakras - How Important Are They? of my book, I shared a couple personal experiences. (Book available on Amazon) The recent Reveal the Incredible U event we took a journey with our Little You aka Inner Child, into our chakras. What came up for each of us is then open for interpretation.

Let me show you what I mean. I asked my Little You to show me something in each chakra. Here are the results;

Earthstar Chakra - Tiger Lily and Sunflower

Root Chakra - You are the root

Sacral Chakra - Typewriter / computer

Solar Plexus Chakra - Boat - paddle board/kayak - opportunities

Heart Chakra - Balloons; red, white or pink, 100's of them

Throat Chakra - Song You Are My Sunshine

Third Eye - Renaissance Fair

Pineal Chakra - Eraser

Crown Chakra - Divine Guidance

Each of these items have a meaning for me. I would love for you to give yourself a reading from what I received in my chakras. I will give you a little bit more information. Below are the general meanings of the chakras. Armed with that, take another look above and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What does this item mean to me personally?

  • What does it mean in relation to the chakra's meanings?

  • Why is this showing up here for me?

Earthstar Chakra - Physical grounding

Root Chakra - Soul grounding & survival

Sacral Chakra - creative center

Solar Plexus Chakra - Ocean of emotion & home of the Little You

Heart Chakra - Connection to Nature & love for self and others

Throat Chakra - Speaking personal truth

Third Eye - Intuition / Awareness

Pineal Chakra - Filtration system between Third Eye and Crown

Crown Chakra - Connection to Higher Self and all of Source

Life has a way of teaching us, whether we want the lessons or not. I choose to walk in awareness. I am here for you if you need help… Reply to this email, I am available.


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