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Understanding what an expectation is

What is an expectation?

  1. The act or state of expecting; to wait in expectation

  2. The act or state of looking forward or anticipating

Life is lighter when you recognize an expectation you have.

Take a moment to think about an earlier part of this day. Was there a moment that you thought something was going to happen? And then it didn't or it happened in another way.

How did that feel?

You felt that way due to having an expectation.

How or why do you have expectations? Great question!

They literally start from birth, in fact pre-conception. In other words someone wanted to get pregnant and expected to get pregnant.

Knowing you have an expectation is HUGE...

An expectation is like a boulder in the river of life. It slows down or stops the flow. When we are able to remove an expectation then the river... of life ... flows better. I know this from personal experience. I had a big expectation about marriage and it was destroying my marriage. When I realized this I was able to change old habits and let go of the expectation. My marriage is thriving now.


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