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What is your intention?

The year 2022 has been an interesting ride. At the beginning of the year I had a realization. It sat deeply within me how much I now, after 5 years of saying the I am Love mantra, I did love me. I loved the adult version of me.

It was also in that moment, during the Facebook live, that I realized I did not love myself. That the child within me, my Little You, was still struggling. WOW!!!! A new line dropped in to be included in the I am love mantra. I LOVE MYSELF...

As I breathed through that line it felt so different from the I love me sentence. It became the norm to add this in every time I was saying or writing this mantra.

Over the past 166 days, almost 24 weeks, nearly a half year I have been saying the full mantra in a reel, an Instagram live or in a post on my Instagram account @thesandinisandra.

Each of these days and the days before that from the beginning of the year had begun to cement in this wonderful feeling within myself. In fact at the beginning of November I had a major break through around a childhood event. At 12 years of age I sprained my ankle quite badly. The reaction to that affected me as a child and shaped who I became.

Unbeknownst to me, the adult, I let go of the feminine side of myself and for the next 47 years was a tough cookie. Thankfully underneath, my heart was still there, beating and wanting to be seen, showing love to all who accepted it.

I mentioned above that I had a breakthrough in November. That childhood memory of the sprained ankle came rising up a few times in the weeks leading up to the break through. Each time it did another layer was revealed, with the help of my coach and my guides.

Then at a retreat, with the aid of breath work and the support of my coach, I uncovered that feminine side of myself that had been hiding. I am far more balanced now. I could probably write a book on that experience and everything that has happened because of that. There is too much to tell in one short writing or in 20 minute video.

I feel like a super hero. The things I have shifted this year, I brought to my communities and shared with them. That is the reason I am sharing it here with you.

This all started with one small awareness and an addition of one simple line in the I am love mantra. My whole being changed. So it is with this in mind that I step towards 2023 with the intention of accelerating my spiritual journey by being open with no expectations, no limitations and being okay with the outcome.

I told you what my intention is going into 2023. That started about six weeks ago actually. It has been amazing what has happened already since saying that intention. Two new guides have come in to assist me with this too.

What intention are you saying or claiming? Would you like help moving the blocks out of the way? I would love to help you Reveal the Incredible U...


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