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The Missing Banana

We left home very early for a 10 hour drive. An hour and a half in we stopped at a gas station for the usual reasons. I was excited to find bananas and the way I like them. Closer to green than bruised and black.

I bought one and lottery tickets. All went into my coat pocket. I chose the long way back to the car to get in some steps.

Yes I am still going for 7500 a day. This means stopping the car every hour for a one minute walk too. That may seem silly but it is amazing how much better I / we feel in the long run. I remember one 8 hour trip where I never got out at all.... ow!

Anyways… off I strode on my loop of the gas station. Back into the vehicle, buckled in and off we go. I pull the lotto out of my pocket to place in glove compartment.

A few minutes later I think about the banana. Hmmm, wait a sec! I just pulled the lotto tickets out of that pocket. Oh no, where’s my banana.

Noooooooo!!!!!! It was gone. Darn it!

I imagine it is in the parking lot of the gas station. The ravens will have a hay day with it. Twenty minutes later Paul says to me, “a banana sure would be good right now.” The look I gave him lol. My verbal reply, “you can have a date and half a Caramilk bar instead.”

Half an hour later we were in the area where there are a large amount of semi truck traffic. I heard Paul say, “there’s a ban on.” And then something about diesel. I totally understood the ban part, thinking about the road bans that usually come with winter breakup. The diesel part had me wondering what the heck. So I asked him.

He said the van is a diesel. “Ohhhhh I thought you said ban and meant there was a road ban and I couldn’t figure out the part about the diesel.”

He looked at me. Said I obviously didn’t hear him and asked if the lost banana was in my ear.

About this time a song about a banana came onto the stereo

Our trip was fantastic. We had such a good time. Yes it included 20 hours plus of driving in 36 hours or so. Spent the night at a cousin's. Ate a banana... Purchased a new for us van. Life is what we make it.

Check out the video below about how miracles can happen when you open yourself to the possibilities.

I have a number of videos on the Conscious Awakening Network in the Docuseries. Here is one of them. I noticed that using my name in the search engine on their platform takes you nowhere. Look for my smiling face instead. Other videos I did are Healing Hands, Arch Angel Michael Makes an Appearance and Horse Soul Guides.


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