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Part 2 - I didn't say anything

I was talking to my neighbor about ...

... the piece shown above. I heard the whole story about it specifically and wanted to share. This all started because of relatives questioning the value of something. In the first email I mentioned my neighbor selling her polar bear for $120. When I looked at her profile all I could find was this photo of an eagle she made. I am so glad I mentioned that email to my neighbor She shared the behind the scenes story. It is magical. My neighbor lived in a well known 'town' in British Columbia for years and is still a big fan of one of the sports team from there. One of the head honchos has a family member with a very rare 'dis-ease'. A fund raiser was to be held. My neighbor offered this eagle as one of the items to be auctioned off. From her description of how the unwrapping of it went to show the auction staff the eagle, it was a powerful moment. They were in awe.

I can tell you from personal experience, my neighbor creates these items from her heart. She truly enjoys selling them knowing they are going to loving homes. The same can be said for this eagle. It was magical... and it was up for auction to raise funds. She told me two women began a bidding war and the final price that it sold for was $1100. I say again It truly has nothing to do with getting your name known. The buyer will pay what they think it is worth because of their emotional attachment to it. It was made with love, donated with love and purchased with love. What is holding you back from understanding your own value or worth?

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