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I Hate Winter

There has been a lot going on in the four corners of the world and maybe even the four corners of your space. It could be as simple as missing an ingredient for a meal, sleeping past your alarm, running out of gas or maybe it is just the weather that is putting a damper on your thoughts.

The other day I was going to make homemade burgers. Lo and behold I had no Lipton's Onion soup mix. Darn it! Thankfully I had a few things in the fridge. I will admit though that the burgers were no where near as good as the onion soup ones. They were edible though.

A couple of days ago someone asked me how I could handle the weather that we get where I live. It has been pretty extreme on some days and recently we had snow again. In a moment of reflection I realized that winters no longer had their negative impact on me as they did a few years ago. Even the missing ingredients for the burgers were no big deal.

I will be honest with you. There was one small change I made and it had a snowball effect. I am offering it to you. There was a phrases that I was consistently saying every winter, almost everyday every winter.


This had a huge impact on how I felt every time winter came around. Finally I got very tired of winters and how I felt. I made the decision to make a change in how I felt about winter. I chose to stop saying, "I hate winter."

That very first winter that I no longer said that phrase, I noticed that it seemed to snow less and that the cold spells were shorter. Huh?

Were they actually OR was I able to handle them better because I chose to change what I was telling myself? I am now three winters in, where I no longer say that phrase. It took a bit to break that habit the first winter. And I'll be honest I slipped a few times and said the dreaded phrase. However once saying it I would immediately change the phrase to something else.

"I am excited winter is ending soon."

This had a powerful effect on my thoughts. No longer was I dreading each day. I was looking forward to better weather. Note that I was consistently disliking winter because I was saying it was so. I was manifesting that. When I chose to change what I saying or thinking, my ability to handle winter changed in a positive manner.


The Steps

1. Notice the common negative phrase you are using 2. Become aware of how often you are saying 3. Decide you want to stop saying the phrase 4. Stop mid sentence if you need to and 5. Change what you were going to say to a more positive sentence 6. Keep practicing this time and time again 7. You will notice as time passes that you are no longer saying the old negative phrase and that you have created a new one 8. This is a tool you can use in many areas.

Stop old habit / create new habit


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