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I feel like a broken record

Ever since I chose to accelerate my spiritual journey this year my guides have been pushing me. I love what's coming through. It continually keeps coming up

The broken record is actually skipping. Over and over again...

My awareness of what I was actually asking with this acceleration became clearer through February. Thankfully other FB groups Q&A's helped me narrow that down. I would ask a question and then realize where they were answering from. More from the human aspect. I was asking for more. I was asking for something beyond what my human mind could see or understand. Finally I started asking to be shown something beyond the human concept. This meant I had to start to move out of wanting to see or hear something with my eyes and ears of my physical body. If I asked a question and an image would pop in or a sound I knew I was still looking for answers that my human mind could understand. Then the words 3D and 5D, third dimension and fifth dimension started to come into my everyday language. This where the broken or skipping record feeling started to arise too. Oh my goodness, in many conversations all over the place, I personally was feeling like I was being very repetitive. What was I missing? Ahhh yes what was 'I' missing? In my earnest attempt to have you, Sandra , and others understand me, I was missing the point.

It began to become clearer in a weekly support call - Soulful Power. Here I stepped out of my box when someone asked me about my light language. For the first time ever, I used it with the heart chakra. All previous times it had been used primarily for the Pineal Chakra Activation. This opened up the pathway to what happened in the June Pineal Chakra Activation.

I shifted out of my head into the energy field!!! This is what I mean by moving past the human concept. The 3D is the actual human body. The 5D is beyond that. Until then I was literally using my head or 'everyone' else's head as the focus point while doing the activation. This time though, I shifted into the energy field. It was wild. I felt like someone learning how to walk for the first time, because I had no idea what was happening. Doing the Pineal Chakra Activation in the energy field was enlightening. I have now spoken of it in a number of places for a number of reasons. The first reason is to use it as the example of how to move out of 3D into 5D, move out of human concept into this expansive space. The second reason is in my telling of this 'story' I am becoming more comfortable with it and actually looking forward to the next time I do the Pineal Chakra Activation. Of course I will still be open with no expectations. More recently I spoke of how many of us may be on the leading edge of what we are experiencing. This is mostly because of the thinning of the veil during Heaven's Cross on March 22nd, 2023. You may be feeling resistance yet also feeling like you are being pushed. What I would like you to understand is that it is you personally who is creating the resistance. Your guides, or for lack of a better word(s), the powers that be, are pushing you. It is time to make the small steps into this new awareness. Step gently into the space being provided. If you have no idea how to do that I am here to help. It is my divine destiny to lead the way by finding our way through this.


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