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I am just going to ask point blank.

What is it going to take for you to start being who you want to be?

Can you feel the internal struggle?

As 2023 starts anew so can you. It is never too late. You are never too old.

It is simple steps, simple decisions. Then choices made. Recognize the habit you want to break. Make a commitment to see the habit when you are in it. Stop in the moment and change the habit. Every single time or as often as you can. No judgment on yourself.

You can do it, I can show you how.

The best way to explain any of this is to tell you more about my own journey. Currently I am going through my old morning pages, dating back to 2017.

Fortunately I was guided to write things down. That came up in a soul reading dating back to 2015 and another channeled though the same beautiful soul a year later. Yes, I still was not writing anything down so my guides told me again to get with it.

Those early journals birthed my first book, A Spiritual How-To. Within the morning pages of later years I am finding documentation of the pathway I took to get as far as I have.

All through the days and months, my guides have been walking beside me, supporting me. It has been an eye opener to see the steps I have taken and the continuing guidance.

Many beautiful pieces I have been sharing with you in different ways. Through Facebook Lives, through my book, through free classes, readings and my programs.

You may have noticed recently that I have chosen to amp it up. My phrase for 2023 is ACCELERATED POSSIBILITIES.

The last couple of years have shown us a pattern in the numbers 2020 - getting a clearer vision of what you want 2021 - starting to create the change 2022 - finding balance 2023 - adjusting and fine tuning January is a powerful month to take a closer look at what you want, what have you done so far that is working (or isn't), and how to keep up the momentum. #1 - your guides will keep showing you or telling you things until you are able to see it.

#2 - journaling is extremely beneficial #3 - know your guides are with you #4 - get to know your most intimate guide, your inner child aka Little You #5 - pay attention to the memories that are coming up #6 - memories have layers that once revealed can move you into new aspects of your life #7 - keep plugging away at it one step at a time or fast track some of the steps just like my 2023 power phrase

January is a lead up to Year of the Rabbit, the Water Rabbit to be exact. It will be less dramatic than last year, thank goodness. That means peace and success.

Each of us have so much power and with a little guidance you can tap into that in powerful ways. Over the past four years I have made careful choices that put me in a stronger alignment with my soul.

In the last few Facebook Lives of 2022, I spoke of getting clear on what you want. Align yourself with those who can take you in that direction.

If you have read this far something may be telling you to lean on me. I have been guided time and time again. Where I am headed is beyond what I am capable of dreaming of. This excites me.

In the past six weeks I have seen evidence of the magic that is happening. This year plans to be the most impactful yet. It is beyond me to explain in one email what your future looks like but do know I see the Incredible U... together lets reveal that person...

ASK ME about the Reveal the Incredible U


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