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How do I want to react?

You may have seen this photo in a previous email so Thank you for your patience. It suits this message well. How do I want to react? Which sundae is yours?

We were at a Dairy Queen, had both ordered the same size sundaes and this is what we received. Even now I have to laugh every time I see this photo or think about it. I was the one who wasn't really into having an ice cream so of course mine was the one that came so full. As I was laughing people around us were commenting about the sundaes. The main comments were that they hoped their sundae came as full as the one on the right. Many layers were

happening. Do I make a fuss? Do we roll with it? Do

I get upset about the people around us making comments?

I chose roll with it. Between the two of us there was plenty of ice cream. It was easy to share mine with my hubby. What truly amazed us was the fact that the employee handed them to us when they were so obviously out of balance.

Jump forward to what is going on in your day. How are you reacting to the different things happening around you? There are different aspects to those reactions. Caught in the moment people tend to react as they have learned to react. It is in the moments afterwards the brain kicks in and the questioning why we reacted like that begins.

If you have been questioning your reactions then the Rewrite the Energy class may be a good next step for you. This class is for you if you are ready to move past acting 'like that'. Five simple steps.... you have been consistent already. Let's take that consistency and use it to your advantage.


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