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How Do Expectations Affect You As An Adult?

This one is a biggie!

In the last blog I spoke of my friend and 'slopping' food on her blouse. She did get to the point where she didn't make a mess when we got together. Was I like a mother figure or an authority figure to her? That may be why she spilled things.

A little closer to home is my own story. I am probably already 12 in this photo. Such a tomboy. At this point in my life, the tomboy in me was being catered to. I had a black mustang bike, hung out with the boys on the block and played hockey at the neighborhood outdoor rink.

No I didn't want to wear dresses. No I didn't want dolls. I wanted Legos. The list goes on and on.

The reality of this goes way deeper. I didn't even realize how it was affecting my everyday life.

Late 2022 I had a major breakthrough around this and claimed my feminine side back. I feel more balanced.

Will I ever wear dresses comfortably? Unlikely. However I am more confident in who I am. I feel less awkward being me.

Others around me sub-consciously feel the difference. My sister seems to be more accepting of me. My community senses a softness has risen from within. I am adapting to this new me and I am enjoying her.

For decades family and long time acquaintances and friends have known me as a tomboy. They now expect me to still be that. AND I can be however now I am more comfortable with the girl side of me too. I love letting her shine. I notice it mostly in my paintings, the pastels rather than the bold colors.

Who do your friends expect when they see you?

How do you react when you see them? Do you like being that person? Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to shine? Are you ready to be you?

There is a part of you that has been playing an active role in all of this. Guiding you, to play safe, to be tidy, to be quiet, and so much more.

This part of you is your most intimate guide, your Little You, your inner child.


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