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Have you experienced a huge AHA moment?

Back in 2018 on my very first trip to Sedona, Arizona I made it a personal goal to go to at least one spot that had an energy vortex. Have you been to Sedona? We were actually there for the mountain biking. You may have guessed that already. The trails are incredible, biking and hiking! We actually rode in a few areas that energy vortexes were known to be. Yes I got a sense of something. What it actually was remained unclear. Then I discovered Son - Silver - West Galleries. If you are there when all the grounds are open, wind your way through the building and out. There is a tree with a card board sign pointing down at the ground. It says vortex here. As I stood there and closed my eyes, I chose to be open with no expectations, no limitations and okay with the outcome. Gently breathing. In and out. Then I felt it.

It began as an awareness of something, something that I had been feeling. Then a wave of acceptance flowed over and through me. I shifted out of my head into the energy field! It was so magical.

I am the energy vortex. It is me! This changed everything for me. This deep seated knowing came bubbling up from within. I am the energy. I am the energy vortex. All that I had been saying, knowing in my heart, was true. We are energy! As mentioned, this was five years ago and I have embraced that moment of awareness in a very profound way. It has dictated who I am and how I teach. We are energy. You are energy. You are an energy vortex. What I would like you to understand is that it is you personally who is creating the push or pull. Feel that within your own personal energy vortex. Close your eyes and feel, sense the edges of your energy and energy vortex. The next step is to feel yourself letting go of the things that no longer serve you and let them fly out of your spinning energy vortex. Then pull in the loving support all around you. Feel that... If you have no idea how to do that I am here to help.


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