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For centuries dogs have been told to shut up

Can you imagine what that is like?

I heard a small dog bark and it’s owner say, “NO!”

In that moment I realized how repressed we humans have made dogs be. We are constantly telling them to be quiet. I had a flash of insight to how unnatural this must be… to be silent most of the time. Being there with others carrying on a conversation and being told to be quiet or to not feel like you are allowed to have a voice.

I imagine you can feel this deeply. There may be some that this hits a little to close to home, having heard the words “shut up” or “be quiet”… or “not now”. These phrases often can have lasting effects into adulthood, showing up as being very quiet or very loud (or talkative / non-talkative). Or in other ways. In simple terms the unconscious desire to be seen and heard.

Do you hear your mom or dad's voice in the words you say? Do you hear yourself in the sentences your kids say? Let me tell you the story about this German Shepherd. He was there when a suicide occurred. He heard it all. This brings up such emotion in me. Days later I was aiding my daughter, as this dog lay beside her, on her own journey around the suicide of her best friend. We were in a room in my home. A process of rewriting the energy of the event is one that I have had huge success with. This is what we were doing with my daughter as she was the one who found her friend. It was a powerful session and as we finished with her, her beautiful boy, this German Shepherd, literally crawled into my lap. Yes this big huge dog climbed into my lap as I sat on the floor.

In that moment as he crawled into my lap I thought, "OMG he was there. He heard it all. He's asking for help!!!" I heard him clear as day in his actions.

What actions are you doing that is you, asking for help?

This beautiful soul responded with big sighs as I walked him through a similar process of rewriting the energy of that event. (I just love doing this work) As I finished with him, he stood up off of me and had a big releasing stretch. It was so magical. Then he curled up again with my daughter and they went for a healing sleep. I quietly left the room. Let me up front with you... Is this end all to be all? Did she never have grief? Did she ever wake up in cold sweats or be unable to sleep at all? Yes, grief is a process, however the overall effect was eased. The shock of it all was lessened and true healing could begin. How often do we hold onto our suffering for years? Both of their lives were different after this. They could each move on with small steps back to the sense of normalcy in life. She would go on to make big decisions about what she wanted in life. These included relationship decisions, a big move and eventually a wedding. Her dog accepted touch in a new way.

As I tell you bits and pieces of my life I am hoping you are getting to know me and in part the work I am committed to doing. Choosing early on in this life time that the things I do are for the highest good, for the most benevolent reasons and for the greatest goods of all, I have been divinely guided time and time again.

With this in mind I created an event in January 2022 that participants found remarkable for their own healing journeys. Back then it was called the Empowering Extravaganza - Little You. This year has been remarkable for my own healing and getting clearer on my own journey. A phrase I think often, is that I see the incredible you inside.

I discovered the incredible me. What did this mean for me? I became far healthier. My confidence grew and I am now seeing how certain events I experienced as a kid had a profound effect on me. Figuring this out is way easier now.

I want to help you find your incredible self. What could this mean for you? Well since most of you reading this are spiritual and know about guides this could have a pretty significant effect. Learning or remembering more from your childhood by connecting with your most intimate guide, your little you aka inner child, could give you explanations as to why you act a certain way and so much more. Once you know that the next step starts to fall into place. I know how to help you do all that.


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