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Come On Body

Don't fail me now...

I feel like my body is being a disruption in my life right now. I am good health. I am feeling the energy of healing coursing through out my body and centering in on the area I feel aggravation the most.

Notice what I did there?! Only powerful I am statements rather than claiming pain.

This past few months have really been irritating me physically. An incident from way back in the early 2000's has come back to haunt me in an unexpected way. Two things happened back then. Both kind of comical. But never in a million years would I think back then that it would bother me now. One of these events was me running my own foot over with a Honda quad / 4x4. I was in an awkward spot with little foot room thus the running over my own foot. Well I didn't really run it over. That would imply the machine actually kept going. It literally stopped on my foot, knocking me off balance. This caused me to land full weight on my butt... on my tailbone. My daughter displayed superhuman strength and lifted the quad off of my foot. She was only 10 and skinny. The other incident happened to be on a wild night at the bar. Picture this... me on the dance floor having fun, feeling the movement of the music. Then I took a big step backwards to avoid being hit by someone. I managed to get the exact corner of a big speaker in that same spot (yep in the butt crack and hit the tail bone). Oh my gosh it was painful. If you have ever hurt your tailbone, you already know what I am talking about with regards to pain. Over time it healed and I was able to continue with my life without it really bugging me. Fast forward to the past few months. My left hip has been driving me crazy, to the point even riding my bike has been uncomfortable. No strength to lift my leg to get on bike nor to apply proper pressure on pedal to move bike. If you know me at all (or if you are just getting to know me) biking is my life!

In essence my tailbone has been bothering me for over a year and half, with me entirely ignoring it. You know what happens when we ignore something... it often can become a bigger problem and it has. It has involved my left hip muscles.

Yes there were a few Western medicines initiated at this point. It took a number of laser treatments and infra-red bed treatments for me to feel some relief. It was very short lived. At that point I started asking for help from my MAP (Medical Assistance Program) spiritual medical team and guidance from my guides. Then I shifted my mindset into being mentally proactive with the healing. Then suddenly it dawned on me that my tailbone may be involved. And yes it was. My healing has progressed way quicker now on many levels. I have spoken of this in the most recent Soulful Power Call 19. There are a number of things going on. One asking for divine help. Two knowing I am healed (we are hearing we are healed so I am healed) Three this is left side which is about ancient wisdom coming in Four moving past the human concept of healing Five devoting space to seeing and feeling my body in this healed space More and more frequently this moving past the human beings normal way of thinking of things as being is coming up. I realized that the Infra-red bed and the laser treatments are literally energy waves. My choosing how I am focusing my own energy with them, matching the frequency, including YouTube video of healing sound empowers my physical body in magical ways. What are you doing to shift your awareness around your physical body or stresses? Do you have no idea how to do this or where to start? Would you like extra help? I am going to make you an offer today. We actively do this kind of work in my paid community. In the Empowering the Healer Within. This group costs far less per year than one call with a medium or psychic.


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