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Chakras are a powerful tool

Were you aware that Chapter 4 in my book, A Spiritual How-To (available on Amazon) is devoted to the Chakras. I share a few of my Chakra experiences with you.

Are you aware of how great a tool your chakras are? This year those around me and myself have been doing some really interesting work within the chakras. Below is the chart we used in the Chase the Dragonfly course, 7-weeks of a deep dive into the chakras specifically around these topics.

Root - Money self preservation Sacral - Relationship with others authority & passion Solar Plexus - Relationship with self self confidence & self development Heart & Throat - Physical Body breaking free of limitations Third Eye & Pineal - Sharing your energy keys expanding out of your comfort zone Crown - Spiritual Journey higher plans & awareness Are you ready to make a positive change in your life? Only you can do it however I am here to guide you. I have been where you are. I have walked the path too.

1. Discover what limiting beliefs you have been carrying around from your childhood as we weave our way like dragonflies through the chakras. 2. Learn how to break the old habit and create a new one.


The Chase The Dragonfly course helped me with the awareness of each Chakra, and how to better open up. My problem prior was not staying grounded, a bit scattered. Loved the meditative processes. I feel now I have a better idea where any blocks or limitations are.



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