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Reveal the Incredible U 2024 - a 3 day event of self discovery. Connect with your Little You and your Inner Dragon usually $97, free for summit attendees

Meet your Host: Sandra Pelley - The Sandini,
 Dragon Ally, Galactic Shaman

Discover You - The Incredible U so that you can live your inner dragon and create the life you dream of

I help spiritual women who are doing the inner work connect more deeply with their inner child, the protector, to unleash their inner dragon, the action taker so they can create the life they are wishing they had.

HI one and all.... I am a spiritual entrpreneur and author of A Spiritual How-To. As an avid mountain biker, you can often see photos of our travels on my profile and the latest van we camperized. I help spiritual women who are doing the inner work connect more deeply with their inner child, the protector, to unleash their inner dragon, the action taker so they can create the life they wished they had. Jasper National Park was where I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada eh. I love all things Nature and Mother Earth. My personal mission is to live life, be kind and help others discover how to live life from their heart.

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I help spiritual women connect with their spirit guides starting with their most intimate one, their little you, to their dragon, then to their inner dragon and onto creating the life they dreamed of.

Ready to unleash your inner Dragon?

Uncover your inner Dragon and embrace your true Power!

Guest Speakers

Dedication Expertise Passion

Check out the following group of presenters for the All About Woo Summit - August 6 to 8. 

Explore a diverse array of metaphysical and spiritual practices, including energy healing, crystal therapy, tarot reading, intuitive guidance, and meditation techniques.  Gain valuable insights and learn new skills from experts in various fields, empowering you to deepen your practice and integrate these techniques into your daily life.

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45-minute FREE Clarity Call

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BARBARA WORSLEY - East Coast Dragon Lady, Galactic Dragon Ambassador Channel 

I am currently "a scribe" for many Dragon collectives. I am a connector of dragons to their humans. I am a channel for many ascended masters, Dragons and higher vibrational beings. I am a dragon empowerment reiki practioner & oracle reader

Barbara Worsley, affectionately known as The East Coast Dragon Lady and Galactic Dragon Ambassador, is a retired Registered Nurse who has dedicated her life to spiritual exploration and dragon wisdom. With a career spanning over 30 years, Barbara has delved into various modalities, making her a channel to numerous dragons, dragon collectives, and Ascended Masters.

I will be sharing my connection and messages from the collective of dragons who connect with me on a regular basis.

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Since 2003, Susan Gale has worked exclusively with people of all ages (3 to 80) who are interested in learning more about their intuitive abilities and how to work with energy. She believes intuition is the language of soul that can read the energy of anything anywhere, thus it is our first language. She teaches practical, down-to-earth strategies that allow anyone to receive and understand their intuitive knowings.

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SUSAN GALE - Spiritual Energy Mentor

People who study with me learn to recognize, use, and control their intuitive abilities to gain a life of calm and clarity.

What is Intuition

I will be sharing 3 Essential Practices for Receiving Intuitive Knowledge: While deceptively simple, these three practices will enable you not only to receive intuitive knowledge, but also guarantee they come from the best sources and are understood.

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15 min Self-Growth Discovery Session

REV JOANNE ANGEL BARRYCOLON - Wholistic Personal Trainer and Wholistic Integrative Teacher

I help women over 40 revolutionize their health, fitness and wellness by encouraging them to be strong and reminding them that weights are their friend and to focus on reshaping their body rather then focus on losing weight while they step into their confidence

I will be sharing how women over 40 can Utilize their natal chart and numerology to help transform their physical body without dieting, tracking calories and reducing the amount of time spent doing cardiovascular fitness. During our time together the audience will experience a healing session to help release any blocks relating to self-worth so they can envision themselves as a stronger and healthier version of who they are.

Rev Joanne Angel BarryColon has 35+ years in the health, fitness and wellness industry and 15+ years in the Healing industry. She is the Founder of Wholistic Fitness, Wholistic Integrative Teacher, Certified Wholistic Personal Trainer, Reiki Master, Medical Astrologer and Master of Numerology, Host of Joanne’s Healing Within T.V Show, Author/Self-Publisher and the Creator of Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Deck. Joanne has helped over 20,000 women gain confidence and courage to walk away from their material JOB and embrace their soul’s calling.

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$15 off a reading

KITTY BUITEWEG FOSS - Storytelling Astrologist Reader of the Stars

Astrological Energy Coach

My goal is to help you become a Hero in your own Story by learning to read your energetic blue print and outline.

My name is Kitty Buiteweg Foss, your Storytelling Astrologist Reader of the Stars. I am a Co-founder of Intuition of the Soul. I specialize in the Energy Storytelling for your Astrological Chart. I am a teacher by profession and as an Astrologer I Teach a course on how to use your Astrological Chart to manifest using your personal energies! The class is called Optimize! I live in Aurora, Maine with my husband David and two dogs, Tavr and Jackson.

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Golden Akashic Dragon Transmission

CASCA GRAHAM - Akashic Dragon Reiki Master and International Spiritual Teacher - Akashic Records & Dragon Medicine

I help people to reawaken their souls reconnect to their Divine Soul Blueprint, so that they can access their soul gifts and step into their power. I work closely with the Dragon Realm and the Akashic Records to facilitate this entire process

Casca Graham is a Spiritual Teacher based in Essex, UK. She works extensively with the Akashic Records and the Dragon Realm, offering her expertise as a multidimensional Shamanic Healer. Casca runs the fully accredited Casca Graham Academy, where she teaches online and in-person classes, guiding students through the realms of spiritual growth and transformation.

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Dragon House Protection and Blessings Recording

VICTORIA JANE CHISOLM - The Intuitive Listener - Elemental Energy Healer and Mentor

Elemental Energy Healer and Mentor

I help individuals release blocks and step into their most authentic selves. For over a decade, I have worked closely with dragon energies and other elementals to provide profound healing and transformational support. My work is deeply transformative, tapping into in-depth energy healing and releasing strategies across multiple dimensions

I will be sharing with you The DragonFae and how they can help you strengthen your mindset and boundaries today.

Victoria Jane Chisholm, a passionate native of Scotland, is the force behind ‘The Intuitive Listener.’

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Quilter, Energy Worker

I teach people how to consciously infuse energy into quilts and make quilt patterns.

 I am a spiritual quilter who has been quilting for about 25 years. I do not care for following patterns. I mostly sketch out the patterns I want to make based on the fabric I purchase. Does that bite me in the ass sometimes, yes, yes it does!

My talk will be about being aware of energy when quilting and using that energy.

5 Tips to Clear your Space

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Reclaim Your Quantum Power: Letting Go and Reclaiming Your Vital Energy

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AL DANAIS - lightworker helping people overcome their stuckness

Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Healer

I help spiritual seekers overcome barriers to their spiritual growth and guide them toward soul alignment.

Al Danais is a dedicated Spiritual Healer with over 20 years of experience. He helps spiritual seekers overcome barriers to growth and guides them toward soul alignment. As a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and Activator Healer-Coach in the Dimensional Therapy System, Al spreads love, peace, and happiness in every interaction.

In my talk, we will explore how I connected with the energies of Buddha and Hare Krishna consciousness. We will then set a powerful intention, and I will channel these energies to amplify and empower it. Join us to experience a profound connection with these divine forces and harness their healing power for yourself.

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KATIE FASCIANO - The Pain Relief Specialist

A holistic practitioner

I provide caregivers with peace and solace so they can continue the journey with their loved one in a new and rejuvenated way.

 Katie Fasciano is an author and holistic practitioner.

I will be discussing how I changed my career from accountant to holistic practitioner and show how seimei works.

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Experience Ease and Comfort

MARIAN EGAN - Magic Moments of Mastery & Momentum

Complementary Health Practitioner

I provide solutions to Physical, Emotional, and Mental pain and support Spiritual Guidance

 Marian provides solutions to Physical, Emotional, and Mental Pain. Empowering people to heal themselves. Using Self-Healing tools that Marian personally created, which are simple, easy and quick to get results.

I will be sharing my Healing Card Deck Self-Healing Tool - Why it was designed and how to use it.

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CHRISTINA DELLA IACONO - Curandera & Pleasure Priestess

Energy Healer; Medicine Woman

I help expansion-driven women to connect with their bodies (voice, heart, womb) so that they can unleash their full intuitive power, sensuality, and joy.

Christina has been directly initiated as a curandera in the shamanistic tradition of her Peruvian lineage. She initiated as a song carrier by a Cherokee/Taíno/Choctaw medicine woman and trained by a high priestess in the temple arts for almost a decade. She's served as a ceremonialist since 2019 and is devoted to inspiring women to connect deeply with their bodies to unleash their intuitive power, sensuality, and joy.

5 Ways to Ignite Joy in Your Body

I will be sharing why unlocking your joy is essential to live in your full power & purpose; how joy is the key to fulfillment


©2024 by The Sandini - Sandra Pelley

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