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One day as I wrote in my morning pages, Dragon came forth whispering gently in my ear, "I am the wayshower for those who are ready to embark on a magical journey. I am the light that illuminates that which has been holding you back."

5k / year
$450/ x 12
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This program is for you if you're:

*  A seeker who feels there is more out there, and is ready to deep dive into a world of magic

*  Ready to embrace your natural abilities as they are uncovered while letting go of limiting beliefs and expectations

*  Wanting to feel the magic of working with new and known guides by learning to connect and communicate with as well as trust & believe

* Interested in going beyond the old ways of thinking to develop a deeper understanding of how to look at things differently

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$5ooo US
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$450US x 12

I promise you the steps to easily access your guides and ancient memories to reveal a power

within yourself that is beyond your imagining.



  • 3  two hour calls/month

  • a 30 minute 1:1

  • like minded community

  • individual support

  • group support



  • hands on learning

  • guided meditations

  • next steps

  • focusing in

  • expanding out



  • I see the incredible You...

  • for the highest good

  • for the most benevolent reasons

  • and for the greatest good of all

karen davis_edited.jpg

Karen Davis

I am going to places I have never been before. Love the drumming and the guided journeys. And the shape shifting...

Sherry MIller-Wild_edited.jpg

Sherry Wild

Nothing compares to this course!

I am excited where this has taken me. It is good to be in group and experience everyone's journeys.

horses 2.jpg


I've learned the difference between drumming and guided journeys. Egypt wanted to be heard when we were exploring lost civilizations. There is so much energy when we are on the calls.

Janice Hawkins.jpg

Janice Hawkins

I wanted to know more...

Trust, believe and let it unfold at it's own pace.

I am finding lots of dragons in the clouds.


From drum journeys to guided meditations the Dragon Wheel is a powerful exploration into self discovery. By connecting with the energy of your guides (spirit animals, plants, dragons elements etc.) you are able to explore, ask questions and receive answers that enable you to step into your personal power. Sandra assists and guides you in discovering your natural abilities and facilitates a creative space for personal growth. Every journey is a magical experience that opens up your consciousness and allows you to step into a world of unlimited possibilities.

Janice Hawkins - Canada

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This course is being offered to you at a special price

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