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Meet your Host: Sandra Pelley - The Sandini,
Inner Peace Mentor, Dragon Ally, Galactic Shaman and Visionary of the Guide Academy 

Discover You - The Incredible U so that you can live your inner dragon and create the life you dream of

I help spiritual women connect with their spirit guides starting with their most intimate one, their little you, to their dragon, then to their inner dragon and onto creating the life they dreamed of.

Sandra Pelley helps spiritually connected people confidently co-create their lives, with their spirit guides help. Growing up in the mountains of a National Park, instilled a love of animals and nature in general. Through her life’s journey she has been a seeker, becoming aware of how much potential there is when one connects, first with their most intimate guide, the Little You, aka inner child. Sandra is an intuitive creator and authored her first book, A Spiritual How-To, to help others begin their own journey of self discovery.

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I help spiritual women connect with their spirit guides starting with their most intimate one, their little you, to their dragon, then to their inner dragon and onto creating the life they dreamed of.

Ready to unleash your inner Dragon?

Uncover your inner Dragon and embrace your true Power!

Guest Speakers

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Check out the following group of presenters for the Creating Meaningful Change Summit.  This diverse group of people  - embody their unique journey of transformation and growth. They share the unleashing of potential, innovation, empowerment, and the awakening of inner strength. Each speaker has provided a free gift to amplify your personal growth. 

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barb headshot new - Barb Minemier.jpg

BARB MINEMIER - Nutrition Coach - Count the Chemicals not the Calories

I help men and women lose weight and heal the inflammation from within so that they can live their lives full out free from pain and limitation.

Barb has been a practicing Holistic Nutrition Coach for the past 13 years. She is all about counting the chemicals NOT the calories. Barb busts through all the myths and misinformation out there to help her clients achieve optimal health - feeling good in their body again free from pain and limitation.

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1 MB - Carla Jansen van Rosendaal_edited.jpg

CARLA JANSEN VAN ROSENDAAL - Burnout Expert and Mindset Coach 

Marketing Coach

International Premium Burnout Expert and Mindset Coach from Life-MindCreation

I help successful female entrepreneurs to grow their business while preserving their marriage and cultivating a peaceful, loving home-life for their children.

 Carla is an international stress reduction coach. She works with successful parenting entrepreneurs to create a life full of success, happiness, and relaxation. She leverages quantum technology within her coaching to create deeper results, faster. As a burnout expert, she knows what it is to be overly stressed and the impact of burnout on our business, relationships, and health. Carla understands that we can change our world and its energy by reducing our stress. By doing this, we become an example for our kids as they will be the creators of our future, of humanity, and our world.

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TRACY RICKARDS - Business Coach, Belief Specialist and Hypnotherapist

Sassy Success Hypno Coach

I help women FINALLY get their dream business started and get paying clients in 90 Days or less without breaking the bank.

She mentors and teaches business, social media, and personal skills for new and struggling entrepreneurs. Her signature online memberships and programs help business owners get on a clear and inspired path to create lifelong emotional and financial freedom. Tracy is the founder of Sassy Success Business Society with over 20 years’ experience in business management, accounting, leadership, planning, marketing, and most importantly, a success mindset. She uses emotional clearing, belief re-patterning and hypnotherapy as the secret sauce to seal your business and personal success.

FUJI5793-Edit - Tracy Rickards.jpg
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IMG_2927 - Bruce Ross_edited_edited.jpg

BRUCE ROSS - Leadership Coach. Executive Coach

Transformational Bruce Ross: Transformational Leadership coach, trainer, and keynote speaker

I help business owners and leaders achieve their boldest goals faster without burning out, sacrificing relationships or operating from stress and overwhelm

As Founder and Managing Director of Ignite Business Leadership, Bruce directly coached over 2,257 business owners / executives and trained more than 15,219 others on Energy Intelligence™. Energy is at the core of leadership. So leaders need grounded understandings on how to plug their energy leaks plus boost core energy levels [hence, Energy Intelligence™]

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Dr. OLIVIA ONG - Mindset Leadership Coach

Physician, Mindset Leadership Coach, TEDx and Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author and Head Coach, Founder of The Doctors' Coaches Code

I help heart centered doctors find their life purpose and passion so that they can thrive after burnout and find the joy in it.

Dr Olivia Ong is an esteemed pain and rehabilitation physician, and an expert in burnout and resilience. She is also an international award-winning bestselling author, TEDx speaker, global keynote speaker, award-winning physician, entrepreneur and healthcare thought leader. In 2008, after a life-altering accident, Olivia was told she would never walk or practice medicine again. After years as a patient in hospitals and rehab facilities in Australia and the US, she fought to walk again, and even resumed her medical career. Today, she shares her journey to motivate and inspire others. Driven by her experience, Olivia now works as a coach and mentor for doctors dealing with burnout. With her unwavering determination, profound insights and compassionate spirit, Olivia is sharing her secrets to unlocking the power of self-compassion and overcoming adversity.

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ElisaBoogaerts-2 - Elisa Boogaerts.jpg

ELISA BOOGAERTS - Confidence Coach

I help professionals confidently put themselves first so they can make their next big bold move,

Elisa is a transformational speaker, published author and a certified Life & Health Coach. She helps professionals confidently put themselves first so they can make their next big bold move in their life. Elisa understands how daunting and scary making a big life change can be because she has made several of them herself! Elisa helps her clients plan & execute their goal while coaching them through the ups, downs, setbacks, etc. so they actually achieve that big bold move!


Healing Heart - Finding your path to peace of mind

I help bereaved women release self-judgement so that they can create a safe sacred space to live life with peace of mind.

Maria Belanic, a passionate advocate for grief awareness, guides individuals through the complex journey of loss, helping them rediscover inner peace amidst grief's challenges.

mb2 - Maria Belanic.png
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headshot_prayer_small - Lee Munch.jpg

LEE MUNCH - Intuitive Business Coach (when you manage the practical you unleash the magical!)

Business Alchemist - I turn the lead in your head into gold you can hold!

I teach spiritually minded business owners how to have and grow consistent profits, so they easily expand their impact and make the difference they want and the world SO needs!

It is Lee’s passion and mission to assist heart-centered business owners to thrive continuously so that they can make the difference they want, and the world so needs! She is a business alchemist and is an expert at not only finding “hidden” gold in businesses, she transforms the “lead” (not working areas) of a business into actual gold you can hold! Lee combines her intuitive “magic” with practical application and strategy. If you want to learn more on how to unleash the magical by managing the practical, you can contact Lee at, or join her Facebook Group “Alchemize Your Business”:

DANIEL MARTINEZ STAHL - Spiritual Development Coach, Spirit Journey Explorer and Facilitator

I play with Spirit and help people awaken to the truth of who they are, aligned to their greatest potential and to expand beyond the edges of their understanding of what it means to be both Spirit and Human.

We are all on a quest to find our true selves throughout our lives, and the work that I do is an autobiographical representation of my own journey and the passion I feel to share what I have learned about what it means to be both Spirit and Human, and the symbiotic relationship between the two. In doing so, the hope is that my journey can help you connect, awaken and remember the true greatness, majesty and magnitude of who you are. So that you can create the life you want to live, with even more joy, abundance and love. To learn about my other projects:

Daniel M.jpeg
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the white raven - Janine Giesbrecht.jpg

JANINE GIESBRECHT- White Raven - Shamanic Goddess, Dragon Energy Weaver 

Weaving Healer

The White Raven specializes in unconventional techniques designed to address the concealed layers of trauma within the body and spirit.


Meet Janine, The White Raven, whose journey began in 2021 when she felt adrift, like a balloon with no purpose. She asked “I need help” in her journal. The response came the next day through an email that was an invitation to a life-changing spiritual retreat. This marked the start of a year-long healing school where Janine discovered her innate healing abilities and found her true purpose. Now specializing in unconventional techniques, Janine addresses hidden trauma layers within the body and spirit, guiding individuals toward relief and resolution. Through her energy work, she helps clients tap into inner strength, resilience, and wisdom, fostering a journey of healing and transformation. Her holistic approach integrates ancient wisdom, energy healing, and modern trauma understandings, creating a catalyst for personal growth. Janine provides a safe space for clients to share their journeys, acknowledging the depth of their longing for inner peace and clarity. Her greatest honor is guiding them to unveil the brilliance within. If you resonate with growth, healing, and change, Janine invites you to join her transformative journey. As a fun-loving unschooling mom of four, she resides on a farm with cows, dogs, cats, and a love for laughter, card games, fairies, and spirit animals.

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CARINA REEVES & MATT HILLIARD -  Carina Reeves: Relationship Coach and Relationship Energetics Expert

 Matt Hilliard:  Relationship Coach and Men's Work Leader

We help entrepreneur couples have the most cup filling, life affirming, TURNED ON relationships so they can bring their FULL MAGIC into the world with support, teamwork, and celebration as the foundation of everything they do.

In a world where 5 out of 10 couples leave their partners, Carina Reeves and Matt Hilliard teach couples how to love being together and fully supporting each other, guiding them through the challenges of love, family, and work. With over 10 years of experience, they bring a powerful blend of feminine and masculine guidance to teach couples how to have deep, intimate partnerships that translate into sustainable, thriving lives. Matt and Carina are on fire with helping couples become a Dream Team, feeling free and fully alive, in a relationship that feels like winning the Life Lottery.

pic M&C on the water _edited.png
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Kitty head shot.jpg

KITTY BUITEWEG FOSS - Storytelling Astrologist Reader of the Stars

Astrological Energy Coach

My goal is to help you become a Hero in your own Story by learning to read your energetic blue print and outline.

My name is Kitty Buiteweg Foss, your Storytelling Astrologist Reader of the Stars. I am a Co-founder of Intuition of the Soul. I specialize in the Energy Storytelling for your Astrological Chart. I am a teacher by profession and as an Astrologer I Teach a course on how to use your Astrological Chart to manifest using your personal energies! The class is called Optimize! I live in Aurora, Maine with my husband David and two dogs, Tavr and Jackson.

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I specialize in supporting parents, to find their own unique parenting script so that they can get back in touch with their own intuition on how to raise their children

A mom of 2 sons, A qualified pre-school teacher, 25 years in educating children, A Child Self-Esteem Elevation coach, An Accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, A Child Mentor, A Parent Mentor.

Nicole Dubruel de Broglio.jpg
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CINDY BURNS - Life Coach for the Widowed

Life Coach for the Widowed

I help those who are grieving to ease their pain by learning who they are and finding their new purpose so they can live a happy and fulfilled life.

Cindy Burns.jpg

Cindy Burns is a widow with six grown sons. Her husband died 12 years ago, and she is now dedicating her life to helping other widows and widowers learn to dream again, discover who they are, grow in confidence, and find their new purpose.


©2024 by The Sandini - Sandra Pelley

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