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An Earthkeeper Meditation

An Earthkeeper Meditation

SKU: Meditation-000003

An Earthkeeper Meditation – This meditation is a playful journey of discovering our connection to Mother Earth, with guidance from an Earthkeeper Crystal. It shows us the beautiful partnership we have with all that’s on our little blue planet, third from the sun. The amazing thing about this meditation is that I connected with an incredible Crystal while I was in Sandpoint, Idaho. This astonishing crystal was discovered in 1997, in Minas Girais, Brazil and shipped to Sandpoint. The beauty of this crystal is remarkable. Within it’s 1800 lbs (820 kgs) is a rose quartz heart. The entire crystal is known as an Earthkeeper, a stone of “enlightment” to bring knowledge of “how” things really are. Photo credits go to Zero Point 29 minute audio


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