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Freedom Friday

I wanted to bring this into your awareness... For months now I have been posting on my Sandra Pelley - The Sandini page a Freedom Friday photo and comment.

Freedom Friday has the potential to mean many things. Take a moment to think about what Freedom Friday means for you. Some examples could be -

  • taking a break from exercising

  • cheat day on your menu

  • booking a massage or sauna

  • going on a hike

  • having the day off of work

A number of years ago a coach was speaking of her work week. Since then I have noticed more coaches being on the same wave link. In fact my husband's job is a four-day work week too. If you are in the traditional nine to five it may be more difficult to shift, however there still could be things you can do to give you the sense of freedom. A 15 minute break listening to a calming meditation may be just what the doctor ordered. It is amazing how the brain works when it has the opportunity to relax.

You may have heard me speaking about my steps, my 7500 steps per day goal. I use this to get away from my work desk. Walking around my block takes eight minutes and is roughly 1200 steps. On one hand eight minutes helps me complete 25% of my step goal. On the other hand I get fresh air, hear the birds, see the trees and just be.

"Where are you taking 15 for yourself?"

When I saw this I knew I really wanted to go walk on the dock. So I did!

Winter is over with regards to the calendar and the Spring Equinox. It is the time to clear out the mustiness of winter from our hearts. Shake off the feeling of lethargy.

What does your window look like? What are you able to see? What does this make you feel? I am fortunate in that I have been a major part of the homes we have purchased. Windows are my prime focus.

When my kids were little, I had to have a window at the back of the house with the kitchen overlooking the back yard. This way the kids could go out and play freely. As they grew and left home, my needs came more into focus. Take note of that.

"What are my needs?"

This had a powerful effect on my health. Being able to see foliage out of my window is huge. My living room has a large amount of pine trees outside in view. My sacred space (my office) has a window that a pine tree is almost right up against. I get to watch so many birds and hear them. Note that I also call my office my sacred space. That is because of how I treat my business. It is also because of the incredible items I have placed in my office space like crystals, animals, feathers and more. The energy in there is magical.

Creating the magic, the sense of freedom

1. Facing the window 2. If no window, face a chosen piece of artwork 3. Candles and oils, scents play a big role (if able to) 4. Creating an altar with crystals, feathers, charms 5. Give yourself a moment to breathe and settle 6. Keep practicing this time and time again 7. Take a break to stand up at least every hour 8. Clear the space of garbage and dishes

Sacred space is your heart's home

Here is a quick three minute video Where I speak about sacred space from 5 years ago.


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