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Barbara Worsley RN (Retired) East Coast Dragon Lady | Galactic Dragon Ambassador | Amazon International Best-Selling Author | International Speaker Barbara Worsley, affectionately known as The East Coast Dragon Lady and Galactic Dragon Ambassador, is a retired Registered Nurse who has dedicated her life to spiritual exploration and dragon wisdom. With a career spanning over 30 years, Barbara has delved into various modalities, making her a channel to numerous dragons, dragon collectives, and Ascended Masters. As an Amazon International best-selling author and sought-after international speaker, Barbara has shared her insights and experiences with audiences worldwide. She co-hosted Dragon Thunder 2023 and served as the host for Galactic Dragon Thunder 2024 in the USA, showcasing her deep connection to the dragon realm and spiritual teachings. Barbara is a certified Dragon Empowerment Reiki practitioner at level II and a Mind, Body, Spirit practitioner, blending her nursing background with holistic healing modalities. Her passion for dragons and spirituality has been a guiding force throughout her journey. Originally from England, Barbara relocated to the USA in the early 1990s and currently resides in the Northeast with her two sons. She describes herself as an 'Ancient Elder,' awakened to her ancient lineage and memories of past and future lifetimes. Merlin, a significant influence in her spiritual journey, has dubbed her a 'Connector,' recognizing her role as a conduit for guidance from dragons, Ascended Masters, and celestial beings. Barbara's mission is to inspire others to embrace their spiritual paths, connect with dragon wisdom, and awaken to their ancient truths as she continues to navigate the realms of light and wisdom.

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Carla started as a coach in 2006. She leverages humor, knowledge, and deep insights to engage her clients. Carla’s enthusiasm is contagious and she spreads a lot of positive energy. As a child she was always interested in the “unexplainable.” As an adult she learned it was all about Quantum energy and the influence of that energy on our way of thinking, health, and total life. Now she uses quantum technology within her coaching to create deeper results, faster. Carla is no stranger to stress. She is a single mom of 2 kids and has experienced mental and physical abuse, sexual assaults, depression, a suïcide attempt, and a very difficult divorce. She has learned how to look at these situations as “opportunities to grow.” Since 2011, after experiencing her third burnout, she specializes in stress management and reduction. Now she is an international coach and trainer and works with successful parenting entrepreneurs. She coaches them to experience real happiness again and grow their success while staying relaxed. Carla’s philosophy: “Life is one big growing event to learn to experience more and more real happiness, whatever your circumstances. It is all about what story you tell yourself about every situation”.


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I've been drawn to the art of creation, a passion deeply embedded in my genes. Raised in a family where kindness and care overflowed, my interests naturally extended to serving people and safeguarding animals. My dedication was acknowledged when my story became part of "Second Chances" by Elise Lufkin and Diane Walker, a touching tribute to the bond between humans and dogs. In college, I pursued communications multimedia and business administration, forging a versatile skill set. Post-graduation, I entered the realm of entrepreneurship, where creativity knew no bounds and growth opportunities were endless. My most significant achievements, whether in my professional life or personal endeavors, center around the development, coaching, and mentorship of others. The industry or business sector may vary, but to me, the focus remains steadfastly on the people and the lasting impacts we can make on those we encounter on our journey. It's about the positive influence we can have on others along the way. This philosophy drew me to the idea of helping others realize their potential. I worked as a training director at a tech school with a focus on adult education, and later as a management consultant. I helped businesses identify areas of improvement, and crafted bespoke solutions to enhance their productivity and profitability. Witnessing the struggles faced by entrepreneurs and small businesses, I saw a recurring issue: their advertising efforts were often not effective. Unlike bigger firms with substantial marketing budgets, these smaller companies had to navigate the daunting world of advertising on their own. To bridge this gap, I combined my experience as a business coach, trainer, educator, and marketing strategist to found the Marketing Consultants of Maryland. We provide a comprehensive solution, focusing on the overall success of the businesses we serve. In this role, as in others, it has always been about the people, and the impacts of those we meet on our path, reinforcing my belief in the importance of personal connections and the influence we wield for positive change.

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As a result of working with many clients, Sandra steps easily into the role of The Inner Peace Mentor and Dragon Ally. You may have been triggered, had expectations and may not even realize you have limiting beliefs. A simple conversation with Sandra will put you on the path towards powerful transformation using simple tools. In fact, how to move from confusion to commitment. Sandra believes everyone has a unique gift. Years of working closely with many women (& men), as well as on her own journey, has helped Sandra to understand major points that can be used to help you discover or rediscover your passion for life. Her own passion is to empower others by helping them connect with their guides, especially the Little You (Inner Child). The Little You responds to simple yet life changing mantras, changes in everyday wordings, and understanding expectations, which in turn allows the layers of deep wounds to begin healing. From there it is on to discover how to Live Your Inner Dragon. This beautiful and very individual Inner Dragon energy fires the drive and commitment to create your vision into your new reality


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She mentors and teaches business, social media, and personal skills for new and struggling entrepreneurs. Her signature online memberships and programs help business owners get on a clear and inspired path to create lifelong emotional and financial freedom. Tracy provides a step-by-step system to:

Design an inspired roadmap to build a business and quit your job for good

End the chatter in your mind that drains your energy and desire

Clear resistance that gets in the way

BE - DO - HAVE the freedom and joy you desire!

Tracy is the founder of Sassy Success Business Society with over 20 years’ experience in business management, accounting, leadership, planning, marketing, and most importantly, a success mindset. She uses emotional clearing, belief re-patterning and hypnotherapy as the secret sauce to seal your business and personal success. Tracy has three children, three grandchildren and three fur babies. She enjoys travel to warm places, experiencing new cultures, entertaining, food and wine, reading, writing, learning, relaxing with friends, and music of all genres.


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Bruce Ross is an experienced Leadership and Executive Coach with over 27 years specializing in this area. He is experienced across the full commercial spectrum – from individuals and teams (middle managers through Senior Executive levels) within mid- and large-sized corporations, to startup entrepreneurs. He helps business owners, senior leaders and high-potential talent navigate growth within the ‘inner game of leadership’. The potent neuroscience techniques he teaches are easy to learn and help leaders see their blind spots, near-eliminate stress and overwhelm, free themselves from the negative bias of the mind, expand their vision and more effectively influence outcomes. Bruce has distilled the latest in academia (having created and delivered MBA-level Leadership Development programmes) to meet pragmatic demands for personal transformation and enhanced impact at work and at home. He has trained leadership teams from within many of New Zealand’s iconic organizations, including Institute of Directors (Governance), Hawkins Construction, Xero (Accounting Software), Yamaha (Vehicles), Fire Emergency NZ (FENZ), Nib (Health Insurance), Vero (Insurance), Fidelity Life (Insurance), Smith & Caughey (Retail), Plumbing World (Plumbing Distribution), Harcourts (Real Estate).


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Dr Olivia Ong, known as the Heart-Centred Doctor, is a Melbourne-based rehabilitation medicine and pain physician with 15 years of clinical experience, and an expert in resilience and burnout. After being hit by a car in 2008, Olivia was told she would never walk or practice medicine again. She spent years as a patient in hospitals and rehab facilities in Australia and the US in an attempt to regain some of the capabilities that were torn away from her. Little did she know she was going to get a whole lot more than she’d bargained for. After an intensive three-year recovery process, she walked again. Today, she shares her experience with others. Emerging from such a dark period in her life inspired Olivia to start a business to address the unspoken toll that doctors bear when they don’t find the support they need. As a high-performance leadership coach and mentor for doctors, she now runs programs helping doctors thrive after burnout. Being able to speak from her own unique life experiences gives her presentations a deeply authentic feel, and her warm approach has made Olivia a sought-after speaker and online educator. Olivia delivered her first TEDx talk at The University of Melbourne on 26th May 2023. Olivia is the author of The Heart-Centred Doctor, which features a foreword from one of her mentors, Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. Olivia also collaborated with Jack Canfield on Soul of Success Vol. 3, which won her the Best Sellers Quilly Award from The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors in Hollywood for recognition of her authorship and thought leadership. She has also co-authored chapters in the AusMumpreuners anthology books Goodbye Busy Hello Happy, Women Leading The Way and Ignite. Olivia specializes in writing inspiring stories that spark a child's imagination and focus on social and emotional skills. She writes with passion and purpose, with an ultimate goal of bringing hope and joy into young ones' lives. She co-authored the children’s book Jo-Jo the Kind Sloth with her son Joseph Lee. Jo-Jo the Kind Sloth is an imaginative children’s picture book that promotes self-compassion, kindness and acceptance. Written in creative, gentle prose, the story is brought to life with vivid, colourful illustrations that showcase important themes and lessons from the story. This book explains how self-compassion is a powerful tool for a child’s well-being, leading to self-kindness and self- acceptance and the cultivation of resilience for meeting life's challenges. The message of self-compassion is delivered in a reassuring and uplifting tone that is easy for young readers to understand and relate to. In addition, the book encourages young readers to accept new perspectives of the world around them. This creates a safe space for readers to step into their true identity and feel confident being themselves. Jo-Jo the Kind Sloth has received positive reviews from well-renowned experts, authors, and reviewers around the world. It was also recognised as a Finalist in International Book Contest. As an award-winning entrepreneur and founder and CEO of The Heart-Centred Method Institute, Olivia’s vision is for the company to be the leading global education and coaching company for physicians so that they can thrive after burnout, be well-rounded, heart-centred doctors and create a life and career/business by design, not by roster. Olivia has been featured in and written for Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times Singapore, and Australian Business Journal. Her media appearances include Sky News, Studio 10 and Ticker TV, and she regularly speaks at industry-leading events including Australasian New Zealand College of Anaesthesia and Faculty of Pain Medicine, on topics such as physician burnout and how mindfulness and self-compassion can transform chronic pain. Originally from Singapore, Olivia now resides in Melbourne with her husband John and two young children, Joe and Jacqui. Her forthcoming book The Heart-Centred Medical Entrepreneur is due to be released in October 2023. For more about Olivia, visit


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Elisa is in the transformation movement. She is the founder of Inspiration By Elisa, a transformational speaker, published author and a certified Life & Health Coach. She helps professionals confidently put themselves first so they can achieve their goals and make their next big bold move. Elisa understands how daunting and scary making a big life change can be. You often don’t even know where to start. Well Elisa doesn’t because she’s made several of them herself such as living abroad, travelling the world, backpacking, trekking, leaving a 23 year corporate career to pursue her passion. Elisa holds her clients accountable and keeps them on track when executing their goal while coaching them through the ups, downs, setbacks, fears or whatever comes up so they actually achieve that big bold move!

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Maria Belanic, a coach and advocate deeply committed to raising awareness about grief and self-compassion, intimately understands the intricate path of navigating loss. Through her own transformative journey, she discovered profound ways to convert grief into an enduring expression of love. Maria's heartfelt mission centers on guiding individuals through the unique roller-coaster of grief, empowering them to rediscover inner peace and wisdom amidst their loss. With her compassionate guidance, she helps individuals find a renewed purpose, fostering resilience and self-discovery in navigating the complexities of grief.


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18 years ago, Lee Munch said bye-bye to the corporate world and left her global senior management position at Citigroup for the unchartered territory of business owner. Although she enjoyed what she did, and successfully grew the bottom line of the product she oversaw every year– something was missing. That something was purpose. Lee wanted to do something that really mattered. Leaving Citi, although quite scary, gave Lee the opportunity to do something more- to be able to make a real difference in real people’s lives. Along came Action Coach, a global business coaching franchise. Not a day since has Lee ever thought of doing anything else. Except for something bigger! May of 2013, Lee opted out of the franchise to go out on her own. Monarch 13 was born, and so was Lee’s proprietary, awesome results getting program: Profit Zen along with her transformational 3-Day event: Business Bliss Retreat. More than 50% of her participants literally doubled their income within just three months of completing the program*. Lee’s gentle, simple, and practical approach “melds the magical with the mundane”, as she teaches typical “left-brained” business activities in a softer “right-brained” manner and without overwhelm. Lee makes it fun - seriously! Lee has had the privilege of Sharing the stage with T. Harv Eker (former CEO of Peak Potentials and author of “the secrets of the millionaire mind) , working with Gail Blanke (monthly contributor to Real Simple magazine), has been a guest on “Oprah and Friends” radio, as well as a recent summit speaker along with Loral Langemeier (well-known finance author and speaker). Locally, Lee was noted as “One to Watch” by the Long Island Business News. Like the participants of Lee’s Profit Zen program, her mentoring clients also enjoy absolutely amazing Results. From an owner of an Investment Management firm reducing his work hours from 100 hours per week to 30 – and improved the team expansion. To an architect firm which with Lee’s guidance and strategic execution, and close monitoring of the company’s profit makers, increased their profit margin more than 400% in less than a year - including the owner now taking a healthy, steady pay check, and paying for Lee’s retainer. Plus – he was now able to get home in time for family dinner. Another example is a struggling florist looking at losing everything. By combining two stores down to one, and implementing effective marketing strategies, and overall structure into the shop, it is now flourishing. It is Lee’s passion to help the small business owner grow their business in a consistent, strategic manner. Why that market? Lee says “I choose that segment because generally, the owner is so busy doing the business of the business, they can’t even think of anything else – they’re tired, overwhelmed and may not know what to do to change it. They feel squeezed on all sides. They need the most help, and most often are the most overlooked.” Lee’s mission is to impact 13,800 or more small businesses positively and profitably by December 31st, 2025, and everyday works toward its fulfillment. Let her impact your business so you can have the life you deserve.

Lee can be contacted at:


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Daniel Martinez Stahl specializes in Spiritual Development, Exploration and Facilitation. Fundamentally, he helps people to understand who they are as both Spirit and Human, and assists them in exploring aspects of their spiritual journey and communicating directly with their higher self and the rest of their Spirit team. These first-hand spiritual adventures include past lives, alternate lives, the afterlife in-between lives, and other metaphoric journeys that are all orchestrated by their own spirit team.

Daniel loves to work with people who are interested in playing at the edges of their understanding. People who want to thrive in this life, with the willingness and courage to question conventional ideas and a desire to look within to access the power of their infinite potential. People who are driven to improve their life by exploring what it means to be both Spirit and Human; who have a curiosity about existence itself, of how the mind works and about the system behind-the-scenes of life. Someone who is committed to shifting their experience into a new normal by aligning with their higher self, innate well-being and inner wisdom.


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Meet Janine, The White Raven, a captivating soul whose transformative journey unfolded in 2021. At that time, she felt adrift, like a balloon floating purposelessly in the vast expanse of the world. She recently got spider bites all over her ankles, which she thought was interesting. Looking for help, she turned to her journal, seeking guidance “I need help”. Miraculously, an email arrived the next morning, inviting her to a spiritual retreat that altered the course of her life. The retreat became a gateway to a year-long healing school where Janine discovered her innate healing abilities. Embracing her newfound purpose, she integrated the skills acquired and went on a journey that unveiled her true calling. Serendipity struck again when spider bites returned, leading her to a transformative summit and a mentor who would guide her to greater heights. Under her mentor's guidance, Janine flourished as a healer, defining her gifts and experiencing the profound joy of healing others by first healing herself. As a practitioner, Janine specializes in unconventional techniques designed to address the concealed layers of trauma within the body and spirit. Her unique approach involves delving into the depths of one's being to unlock inner power, facilitating a journey of healing and transformation. With an understanding of the pain points carried by individuals who have faced chaos and turmoil, Janine is committed to guiding them toward relief and resolution, allowing the reclamation of joy, vitality, and authenticity. Within every individual lies a secret desire for profound healing and transformation, a yearning that Janine believes is attainable. Through her energy work, she helps clients tap into their inner wellspring of strength, resilience, and wisdom. Together, they unveil the power within, enabling the management of life's challenges with grace and making decisions rooted in clarity and intuition. Janine provides a safe and nurturing space where clients can share their journeys and release the weight that holds them back. Her holistic approach integrates ancient wisdom, energy healing, and modern trauma understandings, creating a powerful catalyst for personal growth and well-being. Acknowledging that pain points and secret desires are at the heart of her work, Janine sees, hears, and understands the depth of longing for inner peace, clarity, and an authentic connection to purpose. It is her greatest honor to guide others toward the realization of these desires, unveiling the brilliance within each individual. For those feeling called to explore a path of healing and transformation, Janine invites them to reach out. Together, they can go on a journey that brings the peace, mental clarity, and soulful calmness sought. If you resonate with growth, healing, and change, Janine might be the perfect fit for you. If you feel the pull toward transformative exploration, she welcomes you to join her on this empowering journey. In addition to her transformative work, Janine shares some fun facts about herself. She is an unschooling mom of four, residing on a farm with cows, dogs, cats, and more to come. Her love for laughter is evident, and she enjoys playing card games with family. Janine's affinity for fairies and spirit animals adds a touch of whimsy to her multifaceted personality.


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Meet Matt Hilliard, a seasoned filmmaker from England turned relationship coach, and Carina Reeves, professional world travelling cellist from Vancouver now certified Sex, Love, and Relationship coach, and Energy Expert. In addition to their relationship coaching partnership, Matt and Carina share a wildly satisfying romantic relationship, united in their commitment to change the world by empowering all couples, and especially entrepreneurial couples, to have the most cup filling, life affirming, and TURNED ON relationships. They believe this is only space that partners can bring their FULL MAGIC into the world, with support, teamwork, and celebration as the foundation of everything they do. Matt became a certified Relationship Coach with The Relationship School in 2018, and went on to train with Terry Real in Relational Life Therapy. Matt has been involved in men’s work since 2006, co-founding and facilitating men’s groups to foster vulnerability and heal the emotional connection among men. His own men’s group since 2022 is called AWAKE. Carina uses powerful embodiment techniques rooted in Tantra and Family Systems Therapy to repair emotional scars and release limiting beliefs. She became a relationship coach in 2018 and a master of energy work in 2019 including remote body healing and releasing limiting sub-conscious beliefs. She founded the online women’s group You're Money Honey and the YouTube series Instant Self Love On Repeat™. Carina's own Frustration to Flow practice, grounds the nervous system and opens creativity. Together, Matt and Carina conduct workshops and programs on healthy relationships, leveraging their expertise to assist couples and individuals in cultivating ease, confidence, and intimacy. They help create great relationships with surprisingly simple tools, effective, love centred communication, and having both sides feel seen, heard, valued, and understood. Dedicated to healing, growth, and empowerment, Matt and Carina believe that great relationships are what give life meaning, and that no matter how much impact is created in life and business, you won't feel fulfilled without them. They believe in creating spaces where individuals can embrace their brilliance and genius, cultivating profound fulfillment in relationships and life. With Matt's deep insights into relationship dynamics and Carina's transformative embodiment techniques, they offer a holistic approach that empowers couples to create lives and relationships filled with connection, joy, and authenticity.

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I am Kitty Buiteweg Foss Storytelling Astrologer, Reader of the Stars. I interpret the stars and translate the energies into information that can be used in all areas of our lives. My Gudes speak to me during readings so I can focus information for better understanding of personal energies. I use numerology, psychic information, Tarot or Oracle cards, Sacred Geometry and other tools to connect your energies. I share this information in story form bringing more meaning to the reading. I have been working with Astrology in my own life since 1984. I was a Teacher for almost 30 years and continue that role as part of this time of "Great Awakening". After retiring, I decided to focus on my gifts. I met Amy while training and learning how to use Intuition and we founded Intuition of the Soul, where together we help others awaken to their spiritual paths. I Teach a course on how to use your Astrological Chart to manifest using your personal energies. The class is called Optimize!


I became a widow on August 2, 2011. Everyone kept telling me how strong I was, but I didn't really have another choice. Our 6 sons were grieving, and I didn't want to cause them more pain by making them worry about me. Our youngest was about to start his senior year in high school. So, I grieved alone. I didn't even know any other widows. Eventually, I was no longer in active grief. I could get through my days without crying. But then I started feeling even more alone. I didn't know who I was anymore. My identity was wrapped around my husband and sons. Now they were grown and didn't need me much. I was adrift without a destination. I knew I needed a purpose in my life. Through years of false starts, I discovered that my purpose is to help other widows so they can go through the process much faster and easier. Nobody should go through it alone.

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My mission is for all children to know and realize what amazing, unstoppable beings they truly are: to understand and see their own worth and value because the only thing that stops someone from achieving great things is the belief that they can't! My eyes were opened, when my 3 year-old son could not tell his reflection in the mirror that he was so loved, and I realised that I needed to change my text-book, trial and error ways of parenting. I signed up for an Emotional Freedom Technique course and learned that I could own and manage my own emotions and reactions. Through the course, I learned that many of my blocks today came from childhood beliefs that I had about myself! This led me to realise that we form our beliefs about ourselves through the perceptions, fears and limitations of others! I knew then that what I wanted for my children was to champion, rather than diminish, their self-esteem, to point out all that they do right rather than point out all their mistakes, to teach them to concentrate on progress rather than perfection, that it's okay to make mistakes rather than to punish them for their mistakes.

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