Money Matters -
for Spiritual

Even if you're doing your very important work and say, "It's not about the money. Money isn't important. I just want to help as many people as I can. Or I only need a million dollars."



But you may be working against yourself by saying these simple statements. Add to that your expectations and inability to dream bigger.


So join me on Monday, September 12th for a powerful recreating of your ideas and maybe even your ideals.


Empowering Extravaganza -
The Little You

September 19 - 20th

Join us in THE GUIDE ACADEMY. Over two full days there will be in depth training on how to connect with your two most intimate guides, the Little You and the Higher Self.

There is plenty of opportunity to move yourself through limiting beliefs carried from childhood into adulthood, discover what expectations may be holding you back and get to play with your Little You. You will be amazed at what you are shown as you learn to connect with that part of yourself that is still affecting you as an adult.

And a sneak peak within the halls of The Guide Academy where there are two programs, "A Spiritual How-To" and "The Medicine Wheel". The one revealed in this two day event is the

  • A Spiritual How-To and it is about creating a relationship with your most intimate guides, the Higher Self and Little You AND your self. This is for those who may feel unsure, may have limited knowledge about guides or more? and are ready to make positive changes in their overall lives and come into their personal power. 


Empowering Extravaganza -
Animal Guides

Animals are all around us. The journey I am experiencing is in two realities, the one most people are aware of and the one White Raven and Sister Magpie walk with me in, in both my waking and sleeping hours. My ancestral indigenous roots are being woken, as White Buffalo Calf Woman and Poundmaker, step into my visions to bring you an even stronger connection that you are ready for.

I walk in two realities by choice. In this three day event our guides and myself will teach you the basics of what some feel is the Shaman way. Together, this magical world is revealed to you through ceremony, simple tools and the joy of drumming journey.

Recently I was playing with the elements by connecting with them as I would my guides. It was magical what occured and I am excited to show you this too